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Sign Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative
Attend the Community Meeting on Homelessness

Contaminated Soil at Vallco Site
Blanketeering Event by local Lions Club

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Provide Inputs on Housing Element

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visit https://ourneighborhoodvoices.com/ for more signing options. 
You have to be a California registered voter to sign the initiative. However, you don’t need to be a voter to donate, endorse or volunteer. The Statewide campaign is expensive, any support will help! To learn more about this initiative to restore local land use authority to cities and counties, please visit their website

~    T A K E     A C T I O N   ~

Cupertino City is going to host a Community Kick-off Meeting on Homelessness on Thursday, Febuary 10th, from 6pm to 7:30pm. The City wants to hear residents’ ideas to help draft a City Plan to End Homelessness. This virtual community meeting will help to create a roadmap that will help guide the City. Decision on this issue may affect our daily life. So, please make sure your voice heard! 

To attend the meeting, you need to register first , then, join it on Zoom. Hope more residents can speak and protect our own community. 


Contaminated Soil at Vallco site

Recently, Mercury News reported the contaminated soil issue at old Vallco site: 

Contaminated soil at old Vallco site puts redevelopment on pause

County environmental health officials must sign off on plans to clean it up. You may find more update information HERE


Join the Blanketeering Events

Register to join the Blanketeering Event hosted by the De Anza Lions Club to help community members in needs! As long as you can use a scissor and tie a knot, you can do this project and have a lot of fun! Simply take the materials home, work on it and return the blanket several weeks later. 
● Feb. 20-26 – Pick-up Materials
● Sat. Feb. 25, 2022 10:00-11:30am (virtual tutorial)
● Mar. 2 – Return Completed Blankets

You can check the 2020 Blanketeering page to get a reference. 

~    NOTICE  ~

Provide Inputs on Housing Element

There are several ways to provide inputs on Cupertino City Housing Element

1) Get to the Housing Element page on city website and scroll down this page to the Housing Simulator tool and mark the areas of Cupertino where you think there should be housing.

For example:  As of the last Planning Commission Meeting Study Session, 7 people used the tool and targeted North and South Blaney neighborhoods as needing the most higher density.  If this trend keeps on going, there is the potential that the city could UPZONE (increase the allowable density) of these areas. So, please don’t forget to speak up. 

2) apply to be part of the task force that provides input/reviews information.

3) attend and/or send emails when they have a Housing Element meeting.

You CAN make a difference but only if you try!  Get your neighbors and friends to do it, too, to make your voices louder. We need to work together to make our city better in future!

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