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Studies for Cupertino Housing Element

Library Expansion Project Coming to An End
School Closure Topic on Council Meeting Agenda

City Projects Update and Surveys

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Help Keep Our Highways Clean

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Studies for Cupertino Housing Elements

Housing Elements stakeholder group was recently formed by city staff. As the consultants hired by city stated, they will use this group’s inputs to develop recommendations for building the 4,588 housing units. 4,588 units in next cycle of Housing Element is a huge number and may reshape some part of our city in the future. Would this stakeholder group really represent our community? Or, do you think Cupertino City Council should engage our community directly? You can write to our city council to express your opinions. We still need to keep a close watch on this topic. To help our city better understand residents’ opinion, please encourage your families and neighbors to submit inputs on Housing Element engagement page.

On March 8th, discussion on Cupertino Housing Element was in the City Council Meeting again. In this meeting, our council decided to form a committee to focus on this topic. The committee members are Vice Mayor Liang Chao, Councilmember Kitty Moore, the chair of Planning Commission and the chair of Housing Commission. 


Cupertino Library Expansion Project 

After more than one year of construction, overcoming pandemic challenges and supply chain issues, our Library Expansion Project finally reached the final stage. All of the temporary walls within the Cupertino Library have been removed. So, we can have a peek of the new space with desks and chairs. we are excited to learn that the ribbon-cutting ceremony is schedule in April . You can get more details of this project from the virtual tour

Many residents have urged our city to expand Cupertino Library for more than 10 years, since ours is the only Library without activity rooms within the Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD). But only after Better Cupertino backed council members gained majority seats in 2018, was this project approved and put on high priority. This Library Expansion project was widely supported by our community. Our city build a donor wall to honor our community members who donated to the project. 

~    C O M M U N I T Y     N E W S   ~

School Closure Topic on Tonight’s Council Meeting Agenda

Several months ago, Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) board voted to close three schools in 2022 – 2023 school year:
Regnart Elementary School in Cupertino, Meyerholz and John Muir Elementary School in West San Jose. 
Since school closure issue had a huge impact on our residents, Cupertino City Council placed an agenda item on its March 15 meeting. They will discuss if Cupertino City should take a position to urge CUSD reconsider its decision of school closure. 

To learn more, you can pre-register and join tonight’s City Council meeting. The meeting will start at 6:45pm.

~    C I T Y      E N G A G E M E N T  ~

City Projects Update and Surveys

Recently, our city built a new webpage “Engage Cupertino” to help Cupertino community outreach. You can find projects update information there. Under each project, residents can leave their feedback. To get better involved, please register

Currently, there is an active Survey on the All-inclusive Playground at Jollyman Park.  Result of previous closed surveys can be found under each project, too. 
Our city hope to hear from you. To help them better understand residents’ needs, please speak up.

~    E V E N T  ~

Keep Our Highways Clean

This week, Keep Santa Clara Valley Beautiful program is coming to Cupertino. They will meet at the I-280/North De Anza Boulevard Southbound On-ramp at 9:30am. This community service will help to make our community cleaner and nicer. It can also increase public awareness of the hazards of highway littering.
If you are interested, please don’t forget to pre-register. Hope to see more volunteers come to help.  

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