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Sign the petition and send email to Cupertino City Council to support the Planning Commissioner Ray Wang who listens to residents and promots sensible growth. 

Who is Better Cupertino? 

Better Cupertino (BC) is a diverse and active organization comprised primarily of West Valley area residents, who are aligned in support of our mission. We support:

  • Informed, empowered residents who are engaged in civic matters
  • Transparency and accountability in local and regional government
  • Sensible growth that is aligned with the needs and interests of a majority of residents

Some Better Cupertino supporters have created two formal organizations for specific purposes:

  • Better Cupertino Action Committee (BCAC), a political action committee. Donate to BCAC here.
  • Friends of Better Cupertino (FoBC), a 501c3 nonprofit formed to raise funds to help further the BC mission of education/engagement, transparency/accountability, and sensible growth. Donate to FoBC here. Donations to FoBC are tax-deductible.

Better Cupertino Blog for critical campaign issues 

See the Better Cupertino blogspot for information about issues that are critical in the Nov. 2022 election.


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