Their accomplishments in past 4 years:

Lowest Covid Rate:  We achieved the lowest COVID Infection rate in Santa Clara County.

Sensible growth: Approved developments, such as Westport and two hotels, increased retail space, senior & low-income housing.

Accountability & Transparency: Pushed for fiscal accountability though internal audit programs. Empowered commissioners (resident volunteers) to have a greater impact on the city Work Program and focus on residents’ needs.

Environmental responsibility: Pushed back against pollution by Lehigh Cement & Stevens Creek Quarry. Funded on-demand micro shuttle, including connections to Caltrain and Kaiser. Adopted bird-friendly building standards.

Healthy environment: Acquired parkland (Lawrence Mitty), Renovated McClellan Ranch Community Garden under budget, Approved Garden beds in other parks, Funded an all-inclusive playground, Approved DOLA (Dog Off-Leash Area).

Focus on residents: Initiated a series of coffee talks with residents at local cafes, saved and expanded a popular farmers market, Banned vaping products for kids and expanded the library.

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