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This year, some candidates look nice and always said she/he like to collaborate with everyone. No offense, but they are more suitable for charity organizations. The City Council makes laws and supervises them city staff to enforce the law so that everyone is treated fairly. They should also have guts to enforce developers to deliver. We need Councilmembers who will proactively strengthen city laws to prevent abuse and who will hold the ground to enforce the city when profit-driven entities push the limit. Vote for Kitty Moore and Steven Scharf since they will put the residents before special interests.

The Vallco fiasco happened because of a Council majority who wishes to “work with” the developer. So, they granted them huge entitlement of 2 million sqft of office allocation, without clearly stating the condition. Then,  the profit-driven developer used the weaponized state laws to take advantage of the loopholes put in by the we-will-collaborate City Council. If residents-minded, tough-on-violations people were the Council majority back between 2014 and 2018, the Council would have been in full control of Vallco project and all the fiasco and legal costs could have been avoided. Vote for Steven Scharf and Kitty Moore to ensure that the residents are in control for the next four years. We need them to protect Cupertino from the ever-more-aggressive state laws invading local control and our local quality of life.

To date, Cupertino has approved all 5 sites designated in the Housing Element. The city can only approve projects, but can’t build them.

Steven Scharf, representing Cupertino, has written letters to regional agencies to clarify misconception about Cupertino. He has advocated for more funding for below-market-rate housing and bills that will require a higher percentage of below-market-rate housing. Kitty Moore has advocated for higher quality projects through enforcing environmental laws to protect residents from noise, pollution and other potential damages. We need City Councilmembers who take the time to study policies and research data to make better decisions suitable for Cupertino, rather than merely following narratives of outside advocacy groups. Vote for Kitty Moore and Steven Scharf for better quality of life in Cupertino.

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