Are you aware that there has been widespread circulation of a petition to amend Proposition 47 throughout California? Over the last several months, it has gained increasing support. Referred to by many as the “Safe Communities Initiative”, it becomes eligible to be included on the November 2024 ballot if it can receive 546,651 signatures from registered voters by April 23.

Our volunteers have been hosting a booth in the Civic Center (in front of the Cupertino Library) every weekend to collect voter signatures. Please stop by during these time to sign:

  • Saturday 03/09 12pm – 5pm
  • Sunday 03/10 12pm – 5pm
  • Saturday 03/16 2pm – 5pm
  • Saturday 03/23 2pm – 5pm

You can find booth time and location in other Bay Area cities by visiting Better Cupertino Facebook page.

Prop 47 was approved in 2014. Voters hoped it would lower the prison population by downgrading most drug possession offenses and thefts of property valued under $950 from felonies to misdemeanors. Supporters of Prop 47 also claimed that Prop 47 would save the State’s funding for schools and enable law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes. Nevertheless, after Prop 47 passed, there has been a surge in criminal behavior without fear of consequences.

Here is the short summary of this Initiative:


You can visit the campaign site of the initiative and read some references to learn more:

Reports on the “Community Safety” initiative in local news indicate that advocating for community safety is a non-partisan topic. In reality, it brings together all community members who hope for a secure and better life.

Multiple Mayors push for Initiative to close Prop. 47 “loopholes”    — CBS

Bay Area Mayors join move to walk back Prop. 47 and crack down on thefts and drugs   — Mercury News

Bay Area Mayors Mahan and Breed join call for Prop 47 reform to crack down on theft, drugs  — ABC7 Bay Area

S.F. Mayor London Breed joins GOP-led efforts to overhaul Prop. 47  — San Francisco Chronicle


More details:

  1. Formal name of the Initiative: Homelessness, Drug Addiction , and Theft Reduction Act
  2. Campaign website: where you can donate to help.
  3. The initiative text in PDF
  4. One page bullets with polling data



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