Friends of Better Cupertino is our nonprofit organization. We support a number of activities to fulfill our education mission. These include publishing literature, hosting booths at events and at the Cupertino Public Library, and hosting forums on issues.

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Friends of Better Cupertino (EIN# 82-1410895) is a 501c3 public benefit organization. Donations to Friends of Cupertino are tax deductible.

If you would like to give money to support a candidate or an initiative sponsored by Better Cupertino, give to the Better Cupertino Action Committee

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Friends of Better Cupertino (FOBC), a 501c3, is on

Friends of Better Cupertino (FoBC), a tax-deductible nonprofit organization (501c3), is on You will find the most up-to-date information about us on Guidestar, an information service (also a 501c3) specializing on U.S. nonprofit companies, with over 2.5 million nonprofits now in its database.

To access our FoBC nonprofit, go to and search on “Friends of Better Cupertino” or 821410895, our IRS/Employee Identification Number (EIN).   

The Summary page is the first page displayed. You can also view our Programs, Financials, and Operations. The Financials page shows our Revenue ($13,376) and Expenses ($5,223) for our first Fiscal Year: May 1, 2017, to April 30, 2018.  FOBC is operated by a Board of Directors with a named President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

You can download and view our tax returns with the IRS & CA FTB, and our charity registrations with the IRS, CA Secretary of State, and CA Attorney General by clicking on the “Show Forms 990” button on the Summary page. Our IRS 990-EZ return is self-reported for our first Fiscal Year (2017–2018) as Guidestar’s receipt of an IRS 990 tax return is usually delayed a year.

Friends of Better Cupertino engages in a number of activities to inform and engage local residents and our City government about issues affecting quality of life and good governance. These include publishing literature, hosting booths at events and at the Cupertino Public Library, hosting forums on hot issues, and ensuring that local government is transparent and accountable. Since 501c3 nonprofits can support non-political litigation, FoBC, to encourage Good Governance, filed a lawsuit in June 2018 to inform the City that the proposed Vallco Town Center (VTC) SB 35 proposal did not meet the requirements of Senate Bill 35 (SB 35), a State law, effective January 2018, to enable “fast tracking” of affordable housing. This FoBC-initiated lawsuit continues through the court/legal process, and is fully independent of Better Cupertino (BC), and BC Action Committee (BCAC).