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Short Introduction of Our Candidates:

Kitty Moore Chair of Cupertino Planning Commission and Environmental Review Committee. Civil engineer who understands complex planning issues and defends residents’ interests in the politics of development. Leader of residents’ referendum against the Vallco Tier 2 project and efforts to eliminate Lehigh pollution. The key character in Better Cupertino’s fight against SB35 — the pro-developer and anti-local control bill.

Steven Scharf is our Cupertino Mayor in 2020. As one of the earliest volunteers of Better Cupertino, he won 2016 election by running a strong grassroots based campaign. He did a lot of research on local developmental issue, affordable housing, school, transportation, small business and community benefits….

Sudha Kasamsetty is a working parent in CUSD, a dance school teacher, and currently served in Fine Arts Commission of Cupertino. She is not only an active parent volunteer in PTA, school committees… and also contributes lots of effort in various community program. With Keen understanding of education issue, new ideas on school funding and operation, she will surely bring passion and fresh air to our school district.

Govind Tatachari is the only parent candidate running for Foothill & De Anza College Board. He is running for the FHDA board to ensure that our community colleges remain excellent and affordable for all, not only a tool to benefit some special interests. He will also promote transparency and fiscal responsibility for FHDA.

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