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Short Introduction of Our Candidates:

Liang Chao (赵良方)

Engineer, Princeton PhD, and Cupertino Councilmember since 2018, Liang has worked tirelessly for our community. She worked to bring home ownership and retail to Westport, for adoption of dark sky building standards, and she pushed back against Lehigh Cement pollution. She supported acquiring land for a new park, a new dog off leash area, community garden, the library expansion, and banning vaping products for kids. She advocates for seniors aging at

home and providing intergenerational connections. She wants to diversify our city’s revenue streams and to increase community engagement.


Govind Tatachari

An engineer entrepreneur and 29-year Cupertino resident, Govind has raised resident concerns at city council meetings and at the Association of Bay Area Governments. He recently organized a panel on housing with elected officials from five cities to discuss issues and solutions. He will work to create a vibrant Cupertino with successful businesses, top-quality schools and an honest, accountable government. He will listen to residents to improve quality of life, and advocate for sustainable, affordable and responsible development across our City.


Steven Scharf

Former Mayor Steven Scharf supports sensible growth, fiscal responsibility, sustainability, increasing walk-ability and bike-ability, and maintaining Cupertino’s suburban character. During Covid-19, he worked hard to minimize the pandemic’s impact on our city. He supported the dog off leash area (DOLA) in Jollyman Park, acquisition of land for Lawrence-Mitty park, our library expansion, new community garden, and all-inclusive playground. He advocated to remove toxic waste from the Vallco site. He believes city government should advocate for residents, not special interests.

Once elected, they will keep promoting:

• Resident First — Put Local Residents ahead of special-interest groups and the Out-of-the-city Political Power

• Local Governance and Sensible Growth — Grow in ways that benefit our city best while meeting requirements set in the State Housing Element

• Transparent Policy Decisions and Community Engagement

• Environment Accountability — Enforce environmental compliance for all development

• Emphasis on Infrastructures — Improve local public services, protecting school lands, public lands…

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