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A Housing Survey is waiting!

In California, the RHNA (the Regional Housing Needs Allocation) updated their targeted housing numbers every 8 years. That means every city needs to approve a Housing Element to follow the State Housing Law.

Nearly 8 years ago, a group of concerned residents formed Better Cupertino when the Cupertino City Council discussed the last round of Housing Element allocations. Under the pressure of hundreds of Cupertino residents, our Council passed a Housing Element of approximately 1000 units to meet State Law requirements. Had there been no resident outcry in 2014, the City may have passed an aggressive and unbalanced plan with thousands more high-density housing units. As we add large numbers of homes to a community that is already built out, we also add tremendous, underfunded burdens on our schools, traffic, and other infrastructure.
Now, it’s time to think about the next round of Housing Element allocations. To collect community inputs, our City offers a survey at the Open Town Hall page on the City of Cupertino website. Please fill out the survey before July 15th, let the council know your opinion about housing needs in Cupertino. 

If you have more to say or have questions on the survey, please write to our City Council (citycouncil@cupertino.org). If our Cupertino citizens don’t voice up, some advocators living in San Francisco, Oaklan, Berkerley…… may speak for you. Please don’t let it happen.

Donor Wall for Cupertino Library Expansion Project

 Do you know that our Library was the only one without a big activity room (or program room) among SCCLs. Cupertino residents asked for Library improvement for many years. But it was always put behind the City Hall renovation plan in the past. Following the election of a pro-resident Councilmember majority (Darcy Paul [2014, 2018], Steven Scharf [2016], Liang Chao [2018], Jon Willey [2018], Kitty Moore [2020] …), the long-denied Program Room project was finally prioritized and approved in 2019. 

Now, the Cupertino Library Expansion Project is on-going. You may find all the detailed facts here and you can even watch the livestream of the project site.

Here comes something even more exciting! You will get a chance to have your name displayed on the Library Donor Wall by join the fundraising program. There are two donation options ($1000 or $500) in this program. Think about it, when your kids go to the Library, they can point at the wall and tell their friends proudly that your contribution helped to make it happen. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience? There are only less than 200 slots left. Please claim one ASAP!

The fundraising details can be found at the Donor Wall page on the Cupertino Library Foundation sponsored website. Or, you can go to the donation page directly. 

Time to Re-open!

 Thanks to the effort of all community members, Cupertino was among the best cities on handling COVID-19. After the more than one year SIP order, here comes the Cupertino re-opening plan. Our city’s services and facilities will open to public soon, while some online programs will remain.
Check details on our city’s re-opening plan page. Enjoy! 


Cupertino residents and businesses, please feel free to join our Vice Mayor Liang Chao’s Next Office Hour on Friday 7/16 at 5pm. 
 It is a social event for Cupertino businessmen/women and entrepreneurs to network and support each other. Cupertino residents who are interested in helping local businesses are welcome to join too. The topic is about the post-pandemic economic recovery and stimulation ideas or anything else you’d like to share.

Join Zoom Meeting with Meeting ID: 938 7613 1336. (Please note that you are consenting to have your audio and video comments recorded by attending the meeting.)

~    A L E R T    ~
Help to Stop SB9 !!
Do you know that if the State Housing bill SB9 passed, there will be NO MORE Single Family House district in California! Our city will lose local control on zoning code, such as building height, building density… in future. SB 9 will simply crush SFH zoning and allow up to 6-unit in one residential lot. You may see a MONSTER house next to your home and NO hearing allowed for such project. 

Please send letters or Zoom with your legislators to stop the dangerous SB9. For Cupertino residents, please contact our SD 15 Senator, Dave Cortese

Learn more about the SB9 or other bills which may damage our community HERE

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